Task: Rebrand a national or global brand and create 1 conceptual piece and 2-3 additional pieces. 
Concept: Lunchables brand is the foundation of childhood dreams
Rebranded logo for Lunchables.
Top-side of a new, conceptual packaging design. The new packaging is made out of recyclable paper material, allowing users to draw directly onto it. The box pulls out for easy access to the food and storage of leftovers. The box also contains a pack of mini non-toxic pens for the consumers to use. The back of the box is displayed below. 
The back side of the new packaging box displays a medium-sized space for consumers to draw on, based on the prompt given. The new packaging line would have a range of around 30 different prompts for variety, encouraging consumers to dream. 
Some examples include "Draw your dream job", "Design your dream house/room", and "Design a new invention". 
This is an additional piece for the Lunchables rebrand. An insulated water bottle is a valuable piece for consumers of this brand to keep drinks either hot or cold all day. 

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