Upon graduation, I decided to challenge myself for the summer by creating a design or poster a day. To further challenge myself, I decided to give myself a time limit of 30 minutes to create the poster. This was a decision I made to push my creativity and help relieve my perfectionism when it comes to design. 
Designs made using Adobe Illustrator and/or Photoshop. Design assets and images acquired from me, stock photo websites, and/or Adobe Express. 

Day 1: I was inspired by the retro film look and the song entitled 'Summer Loving' from the movie 'Grease'. I wanted to experiment with what was offered on Adobe Express to create this design. 

Day 2: I moved in with my grandma in Indiana for the summer after graduating. I took this photo from my Aunt's house and my romanticization of Indiana began. I intended to give this view a cinematic feel, framing a title shot. 

Day 4: I was listening to the song 'Rush' by Troye Sivan and was inspired to create a frame from a potential lyric video. I wanted to capture the rush and intensity of kissing a partner so lighting and composition were important. I also experimented with additional details to elevate the shot such as the time stamp, camera details, and aspect ratio. 

Day 5: I was feeling lazy today with the design but came across this typeface that intrigued me. I thought that it looked very modern and playful and would be a cool display font for an interior design catalogue or website.

Day 6: I was feeling down in the dumps about still being unemployed right out of college. I created this poster design for myself and others struggling with unemployment and the daily experience of trying to stay optimistic about it. I wanted the design to feel like a retro newspaper ad or poster, also including a sarcastic tone of voice. 

Day 7: I was playing around with the pencil tool in Illustrator and designed the bubble font myself. I also felt inspired by bubbles and experimented with different tools that emulate the look and feel.  

Day 8: People watching at a café made me think of all the different people I could see and the lives they each lead. I think it is such a special moment and emotion to experience. I remember seeing the word that describes such emotion and was inspired to make this poster for it.

Day 9: I wanted to experiment with typography and composition with images. I think this would be a cool frame for a postcard, hotel or tourism card, or a static for a video post that zooms into each image used. 

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